we both have a lot of shoes

Contrary to popular male statements criticizing women's "need" to have multiple shoes for the same purpose - of walking or should I say, strutting - men are also capable of the same need.  Perhaps not for strutting, and it shouldn't be so because that would be terribly peculiar.

The hubby has 6 running shoes.  Two of them are trail.  Three are for road.  One is for short running or recovery runs.  There are some that he's given away already, because they either weren't fit for his feet or they're already worn down to being virtually treadless.

1st Row, L-R: The North Face Betasso, Asics Cumulus 11, Asics Nimbus 11,
Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra; 2nd Row, L-R: Vibram Five Fingers Bikila, Asics Cumulus 12

TNF: his favorite brand EVER.

So that's how many running shoes he has.  So far, he's working well with Asics.  There's not much toes dying or gooey blisters to be popped.  If ever he has, it's probably from the distances he runs... like you know, I suppose 100 kilometers could really do that.

Now I can't run 5 kilometers.  But I can walk in 5 1/2-inch shoes.  People in my office could also testify that they've seen me trot in them.  For purposes of this photo I just arranged 7 of my prized beauties.  If Chips has his Asics, I have my Nine Wests.  I have about 4 pairs (two of which are here) and when I need beautiful heels that "agree" with my high arches, that's where I go.

I don't know, heels just make me feel like a princess with a devil's soul *insert evil grin*.

1st Row, L-R: Open-toe booties from Mango, Metallic sandals from Nine West,
Cage sandals from Zara, Basic black pump from Nine West.  2nd Row, L-R: Booties from Forever21,
Cage sandals from Nose, T-strap peep toes from The Shoe Shop HK

That's my 5 1/2-inch lovely in the middle.  And I'm proud to note that it's the
hubby who bought it for me when he went on a business trip to Malaysia.

I wonder if we'll ever have that running event where ladies race in high heels.  I will really, really want to do that.  Maybe I could win! (oh dear is that actually some inner voice from a competitive sportswoman?).  Shush you!

This is a clip from the Glamour Stiletto Run in Amsterdam.  At least 3.5inches heel?  I can SO do this!


Janiel Miller said...

That's hilarious! We need one of these runs in the states.

Love this statement: "feel like a princess with a devil's soul." That's EXACTLY what wearing stilettos feels like. :)

Fun post. My husband just bought two more pairs of running shoes. We have a basket-full by the back door. He keeps old ones around for . . . . I don't know. Sentimental reasons?


dezphaire said...

Yes if we do have them here, I'll surely join!!!

I suppose I shall be thankful that the hubby recognizes that the condo closet cannot take up our shoes, my sentimental heels included :) i don't think we have space for a basket...

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