before the diet begins...

Yesterday, Chips officially started his pre-race diet.  In preparation for the TNF100 he's doing on Labor Day weekend.  So Saturday was the day to eat all the sinful goodnesses that he's going to be avoiding until said race.

On the top of that list is traditional Batac Ilocos Empanada from Empanada Nation.  It is a deliciously deep-fried snack (but in truth it could fill you like an over-portioned meal) that has a freshly cracked egg, papaya shreds and longganisa as its filling, encased in a crunchy orange-colored crust of oily evil.  The Ilokano longganisa is known for the intense seasoning of garlic and the Sukang Iloko (or Ilokano vinegar, from sugar canes).  The vinegar's pungent scent can send you reeling, but the dark shiny liquid is packed with intense flavour.  

You can choose from a wide array of combinations!

The deep-fried well of evil.

Two bottles of Sukang Iloko one's got chili soaking in it and one's just regular.
And yes, that's Ketchup.

Despite being of Ilokano descent, I regrettably never developed the taste for vinegar.  I think Chips is actually more of it than me.  He can douse food in vinegar like anything.  Well, at least not like my mom.  Who treats it like milk.

My empanada is tiny compared to what Chips ordered.

I usually get the Double-Special, which has two longganisas and one egg.  My drink of choice?  Orange soda.  Not just coz it matches the orange crust of the empanada.  Squeeze in some ketchup and it's ready to bite into.

When in Empanada Nation, you can actually customize your empanada.  Into how huge or simple you'd want it to be.  It can have more longganisa, if you're a carnivore (like me).  Or it can have insanely double or triple the egg and longganisa.  Please have your heart checked after. 

Chips got a Double-Double (2 eggs, 2 longganisas) and added 1 more longganisa.

I hear-by dub you the TRIPLE LONNGA THREAT.

Chips likes it with a hearty sprinkling of the vinegar and a generous squeeze of ketchup.  And believe it or not, this was only our mirienda (afternoon snack).  After a couple of hours, we drove on to my parent's house where they served us a lovely, lovely dinner.  Plus coffee and cookies :)

Triple-Longga-Threat, you die in the hands of ultra-runner hubby!!!

So when you're wanting a heart attack of bad, bad goodness, I strongly suggest to drop by Empanada Nation.  They're located at Scout Tuazon corner Rocess Avenue, Quezon City.

I'll write about his pre-race diet later.  For now, let me salivate.



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