Okay, I kind of mean that sarcastically.  Alright, who am I kidding.  I can't say I'm totally happy that he read that article.  And I can't say that I'm spastically bummed either.  Primarily because this now directly concerns - ME.  

We got this issue at the BDM 2011 Celebration Dinner.  It had Sir Jovie aka Bald Runner on the cover.  I think this is our second issue... or third.  I don't really pay attention to them, as they are dwarfed by the ginormous issues of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.  Okay, cue in some little back story.

Watching National Geographic, I see this ad on an Earth Day Run.  I love the world.  I think it's the most awesome thing.  When I was a kid, wanted to be a planeteer.  I wanted to meet Captain Planet.  So I saw that there was  3K distance and I told the hubby that maybe I could run that.  I rally some of my friends to join (I'm not sure if they will).  And asked Chips if he could pace me again, like the last time.

Okay, back to now: the hubby I think is really excited.  And I don't know where this "maybe I could run the 3k" initiative came from.  I suppose I really love Mother Earth.  We all should, anyway.  

Anyhoo, where does Front Runner come in?  Zoom down into the little lower left corner:

One evening, Chips did a scurry to me while I was doing my calligraphy in our study.  He had the magazine in his hand, pointing to the bold sans-serif text.  Hey hunny, this is perfect for you.  Or something like that.  I look at him pensively.

This program is totally easy!  And it's really doable.  It's like what I do *pause* but with longer distances.

He shows me the article, which had a table under it.  It was divided into 8 weeks.  

We could just adjust it to the three weeks you have until the race.  You can stop here *points to a part in the table* because you're just racing 3k anyway and just...

I zone out a bit.  He asks me for the scissors, and I give it to him.  He then proceeds to cut the table and sticks in on our shoe cabinet (well it's a cabinet for clothes that we have filled with shoes).

I've been doing the program for the past 5 days.  Which is actually pretty manageable.  I think I pretty much surprised my otherwise inactive self a bit.  The first runs, though really short distances, really HURT.  Yeah I know what you're thinking, you serious runners you, that's the distance you actually just cool down with.  I know.  It makes me feel somewhat like a wuss.

The day after is usually filled with the inability to squat and reach stuff that are on the floor.  It also pains me to go down stairs.  Yesterday we ran again and I don't know about my body being deceptive or anything, but so far I'm not feeling so much pain.  I guess that's a good thing?

So there.  Thanks Front Runner, I am free from my husband's jeering at my once-a-week jogging ritual.  Let's just hope this keeps up.  I can't believe I even said that.



Josephine said...

Yahooooooooooooooo! =)
Cheering you on!!!

dezphaire said...

Haha! Thanks for the support! I have two more weeks to go :)

Janiel Miller said...

Go girl! Stuff like that totally stresses me out. (But having an official plan is the only way I'll ever train for anything.) Sounds like you're on it!

dezphaire said...

the 3k distance is unfortunately closed :( and i really wanted the cool NatGeo shirt (more than anything). so the hubby is out to find me another race. hopefully with a cool shirt too.

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