the pre-race diet

Okay here it is.  What we do and eat approaching race day.  I say "we" because I really would rather cook one meal for the both of us (most of the time).  Than bothering to eat something sinfully to my taste, because I would have to cook it too.  And wash.  And fix.  Well, you get the picture.

Just a disclaimer - I am not some dietician, nor am I one knowledgeable in food groups etcetera etcetera.  I did what I could to pass health class in High School.  But that's just about it.

The diet was "developed" (ooh, sounds really professional) across several races.  It was basically based on what made him feel good approaching the race, during his training and of course during the race itself.  There must be some science behind it, the simple being we really do know what's good and what's bad for us.  The yummy stuff usually being the bad, indulgent ones.  *Guilty* 

It's not a strict diet.  Though if he could avoid eating pork and beef altogether, he would.  Especially if it's down to two weeks before race day.  It's something that he says keeps his energy up longer, and makes him feel "lighter".  So that's good.  Having fish or seafood as the main source of protein gets him hungry easily - so the snacking becomes frequent.  But to that we try to have fresh fruits and/or a simple whole wheat sandwich.

That leaves all the cupcakes, bacon, spam and sausages for me :) 

Cereal with Fruits and Raisins for Breakfast

Pan-grilled Fish with Eggplants, Brown Rice and Dragonfruit

Cooking healthy isn't easy.  Well, for me at least - the reluctant domestic goddess that I am.  Keeping fresh produce from rotting away.  Trying to avoid frying.  I bought a Meyer teflon-coated grill pan last week, which would at least help cut down on using oil.  If we do need to deep-fry, paper towels are a runner's wife's best friend.  Blot that oil out to death like you're trying desperately to mattify your face on a humid day.

Over the weekend, we were at the beach.  Trips like these are dangerous, because the basking in the sun and enjoying the scenery won't be complete without good food.  The beach we went to had basic dwellings and no food arrangements.  So we had to make do with easy cooking and what we could buy at the local market.  Which meant... well, cheating.  Which was okay, he says, because it's still a month to go.  So inevitably it means we're not going beaching until that TNF100 run is over.

The bag of cheesy happiness, Cheetos vs. Grilled Fish.  Cheetos win.

Corona Extra = carbo-loading.  So it's okay, allegedly.

Grilled Fish now joined by cheese dogs and Chicken BBQ.  Oh no.

Dinner on the way home: Army Navy burgers.

Two patties, cheese and a load of Jalapenos.

Don't worry diet, we'll get right back on you now.



Janiel Miller said...

Girrrrl, I want to eat at your house.
(I also wouldn't mind looking like you in a bikini. After 4 kids, not likely.) (Actually, it wasn't real likely BEFORE the 4 kids either.)

Great pics!

Janiel Miller said...

BTW, What is dragonfruit like? It's got a great name.

dezphaire said...

Hahaha! I really hope this post doesn't give people the idea that I'm a good cook. If I could fry everything, I would. Which probably does mean that I'll likely not be looking like this after kids :P

Chips LOVES dragonfruit. It's got the texture of watermelon. The taste is kind of subjective. I could taste nothing. While the hubby says it's somewhat sweet and juicy. The seeds are small enough to just swallow along.

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