The Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 - Official Results

I really thought that this would be the first confirmed race for the year. In the last post, it's really the one that didn't have any disclaimer to it. Boy was I wrong.

This is actually the hubby's SECOND race. See, I had thought that he was just doing support for the BDM 50K test run for his running buddy who'll be doing it for the first time. Nuh-uh. He raced it. And despite coming from the running enemy that is the holiday season, he actually did pretty well. He placed 22nd, with an official time of 7:10:58. Official results can be seen HERE.

Okay, back to the post at hand. The Condura Skyway Marathon which is hereby the second race for the year. Unlike the past runs, this one was held at night. Why they did that, I don't know. Chips wasn't too fond of it - he just wanted to run it because he wanted to get back into shape.

For one thing, there's no majestic sunrise. Therefore, no view, no colors, no nothing. Just bouncing reflectors and camera flashes. It basically stripped him out of the beauty he so loved to see when running. I would be able to relate - at least on an aesthetic viewpoint, how would you get that awesome finish photo?

Anyway, he intented to just "run it" and not "race it". But ended up racing it anyway. It's not a PR, but considering that he came from a 4-day seminar and had little sleep (enter playing with Hero), he's really proud of what he accomplished.

Official Results can be viewed HERE.

Unfortunately, he didn't get to plan his recovery as well (enter again playing with Hero) and he totally forgot to ice his muscles when he got home. But really, when you have a little one waiting for you, how could you remember?

And can I just say, the medal is HUGE. It's as big (or even bigger) than Hero's head.

That's Hero obviously not knowing what the hell is happening. LOL.


Anonymous said...

The medal surely could cover baby's face!:-) Congrats on hubby's Condura run!

Tin said...

She's a darling...Years from now I can imagine her wearing a Condura Marathon medal of her own :)

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