My default tabs when I open my browser are my TwitterPinterest and Facebook pages. Most of the time I'm totally dazed and just instinctively scroll to read messages and posts. And then I wonder. Wait, these don't sound like things my contacts would post...

Since my MBP spends most of the day on and online, the hubby would usually just borrow it to check his Facebook account. He doesn't do this often. And at times he forgets to sign it out. Here are some of the signs that the wall I've opened isn't actually mine, and it takes a while for them to sink in because I rarely pay attention to people's profile thumbnails.

  1. My contacts start posting updates as early as 7:00am (if I backtrack the time correctly).
  2. I've been tagged in a poster promoting a race. It usually has big visuals of trees, a running silhouette, and perhaps a grunge spatter of what's made to appear as mud to signify a trail route.
  3. I've been tagged in an album that has 2-3 digits beside the letter "K" as part of its title.
  4. My contacts are posting photos of race numbers beside finisher medals.
  5. 90% of the thumbnails to the left of my browsing window are of people in singlets and visors/caps. Either in running form or posed underneath a finish line. 
  6. There are no posts from online sellers announcing new arrivals of bags or shoes.
  7. No one says "kalorkey", "jirits", or "IKR" on the wall.
  8. There are maps showing a GPS tracking system of some sort.
  9. Status updates comprise of the words "just finished", "LSD", "xx-K", and time of day.
  10. I see my profile thumbnail on the wall.

We make such a good team :D


Patti said...

Love #s 6 and 7.

dezphaire said...

When Chips read #7 he said, "What's IKR?" - i rest my case.

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