he didn't drink all of the beer.

We had beer in the ref left-over from a weekend dinner.  One Friday night, Chips picks up a bottle.  A few moments later, while I was washing the dishes, he motions for me to make way.  "I just need to throw this," he says.  And so he proceeds to draining a good amount of beer down the sink.

I don't really encounter a lot of guys (especially if they're from where I work) who'd throw away beer.  Or not finish beer.  Unless they've been caught when they're not supposed to be drinking beer.  Or are passing out because of too much beer.

"I just needed to carbo-load.  I'm running tomorrow."

It makes sense, I suppose.  It is made out of wheat.  It also beats him asking me to cook pasta.

On another note, congratulations to him for (using his term) "destroying" his 21k PR, clocking in at 01:50:13 at the Run United 2 race last November 20.  Out of 1,100 runners he's actually number 54!  WOOT in a major way.  Thanks to photovendo for this pic:


bleubug said...

I hate to seem so typical but wasting beer should be a crime. OK...I've never had San Miguel and I do prefer expensive micro-brews here but the same basic principle applies. Of course I'm not healthy or very fit or even that smart.

dezphaire said...

LOL! I was telling some guys at work this story and they just stared at me. I guess it's the threshold of being a super-fledged-running-addict... the beer is just another way to carbo-load mindset.

Neil said...

I have to say, we didn't know the connection between beer and carbo loading. Then Rex tried to explain....then still "wha?!"

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