It was a nice Tuesday morning just like today, and we were eating sandwiches for breakfast (care of our beautiful sandwich maker which I'll dedicate a post to later on). The sun was somewhat being covered by whisps light gray rolling clouds. The wind coming into the condo wasn't as cool, but it was enough to make us feel good about waking up so early.

Unlike Mondays, Tuesdays are a bit more optimistic. And the hubby confirms this by declaring that he always looks forward to Tuesdays. The idea of it being a Tuesday seems like a happy drug, apparently. More so pronounced since he's talking to someone who's not particularly fond of donning happiness so early in the morning.

"Why, because Monday is finally over?" I inquire.

"Because Tuesday means the start of the running week."

Ah, there's a running week. That starts not on the official start of the week. Must be something like fiscal years.

"But don't you run on Mondays?" I wonder. You know, because sometimes he does.

Apparently, Monday runs (as he explains) are when he doesn't get enough run over the weekend. So Monday is usually rest day. Making Tuesday the official running-every-day-from-hereon day. And that's why Tuesdays make him particularly happy.

"Oh," I say and continue to eat my sandwich then proceed to wear my 4-inch heels.


Acid said...

"Because Tuesday means the start of the running week."

Hahaha. I'm beginning to think this applies to all runners. :p Monday is always a rest day. :D

Your blog name reminds me of this Asics ad about "running widows" --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KldTTYlaxU


dezphaire said...

haha! i suppose everyone's too lazy to do anything on Monday. and in which case, every day then is rest day for me. lol.

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