Oh hello, 2012!

It's been a long while since I posted here! Why? Well, Hero's here! The past months have been a whirlwind of cuteness, eyebags and holiday fat. Chips is actually on this quest to get back into shape. But Hero is just so good at keeping him from going out to run (look at that face, who wouldn't want to stay in?).

We're pretty excited for this year. Especially since Hero can be with me at the finish line once she's big enough. And that would just fall around this year's TNF100 - summer at Baguio with Hero, how fun is that?! I'm also really grateful that BR has published his planned races for 2012 - at least I'd have a reference of when Chips is going to be gone.

So far, here are the runs he's chosen to join:

January 14, 2012—BDM 50K “Test Run” Mariveles to Abucay, Bataan (as support crew)

January 21, 2012—MOUNTAIN & TRAIL RUNNING 101 - TBC

February 5, 2012—Condura Skyway Marathon, "Run for the Mangroves"

February 25, 2012—MOUNTAIN & TRAIL RUNNING 101 - TBC

March 3-4, 2012—4th BDM 102K Ultra Marathon Race (as support crew)

April 21-22, 2012—TNF100 Baguio, 100K 

June 2, 2012—Taklang Damulag 50-Mile Mountain/Trail Run & 50K Run

August 25, 2012—2nd ILOCOS NORTE (Burgos To Pagudpud) 60K Ultra Marathon Run

That basically takes care of half of the year. Though really, I never know when another race decides to show up. Like with a free race kit or something. Hero and I will just be ready with our finish line outfits (swimsuits too, for the Pagudpud run!).

Happy New Year, everyone!