a movie your running other half would like to watch

So I was just browsing through Chuvaness.com, after reading the post on the new Bench billboards (featuring athletes from the Philippine Soccer and Rugby teams).  I was just about to close the tab when I spotted a post on a Japanese Film Festival about to happen at Shangri-La Mall.  The hubby was milling around in the kitchen cooking breakfast when I said the (apparently) magic words:

"Ey hun, there's a film about running."

This was followed by quick queries of when and what.  The film is called Feel the Wind (風が強く吹いている) and it is centered around the Hakone Ekiden, a premiere collegiate relay ultra-marathon.  From the synopsis published online, it tells of how two runners who've left the circuit are inspired to run again and choose the famed ultra-marathon as THE race.  

The race is actually a relay among 10 runners from Tokyo to Hakone.  The race is split into two days with 5 legs on each day.  So the two lead characters recruit 8 more, some of which think they're just insane. The movie is an account of this struggling and unlikely group of runners as they run to achieve the impossible.  The film is based on a novel by Sumio Omori.

Hakone-Ekiden map from http://blog.tokyololas.com/

The Japanese Film Festival runs in Manila (Shangri-La Plaza) from July 1 to July 10.  This specific film shows on the following dates and times:  July 5, Tuesday at 7:00pm;  July 7, Thursday at 1:00pm;  July 10, Sunday at 4:00pm.

For full details about the other films and the complete schedule, click HERE.


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