Thrill of the Trail:TNF100 CamSur

"Hun?" he said.

I think we were watching Criminal Minds or some Discovery Channel show and I was eating ice cream.  

"I think I want to run the TNF100," he continues.  "Is that okay?"

"Okay," I said, "it's your choice... like I can stop you."  Which is true.  If he didn't do it, I can bet all my shoes that he's going to be bummed to the extremes.

"Well, like if there was a good reason for me to not run."

I really didn't know what to give.  Umm, you might break a leg?  You might fall?  You might get sick?  And the most honest one as my good friend Shiela would say, YOU MIGHT DIE?

I left that moment at that and knew that whatever health and safety concerns I may have, I'd have to reserve them.  We went to the TNF store and he told the lady he was running the 100K, even if registration wasn't open yet.  He was the masculine version of giddy.  There was a little girl jumping up and down within that tall shell.

Official Blog here.

So there it is, that's where we'll likely be on Labor Day weekend.  At least I'll just be an anxious, totally unnerved wife for just oh, 30 hours (or whatever cut-off time they decide to publish).  The rest I hope to spend lying on the beach with a recovering and hopefully not-so-skinny hubby.



lauren said...

Good luck, Team Chips! Gogogo! :D

dezphaire said...

Thanks Lauren!

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