i am my husband's running project.

Real Life Foundation has this fun run called "Race for Life" that will be held on November 13 (this Saturday) at Bonifacio High Street.  I think this is quite an apt title for this race, personally.  Because the hubby just signed me up for it.  For... wait for it... the five freakin' kilometer run.  So I will race for my life.  To all my co-workers and clients, if I don't function properly next week, this is the reason.

With this, can I just officially declare myself as (as the blog title so boldly states) my husband's running project.  He's so crazy-giddy about it, the whole situation is like a child finding a toy at the bottom of a cereal box.

He was supposed to run the 10k and sign me up for the 3k.  But it turns out that the 3k slots are all taken.  I think it's either he believes in me so much or this is some retaliation for buying too much shoes, he goes ahead and gets a 5k slot for me.  The excitement from him is unbelievable, that he's decided to junk his 10k registration and pace me for the 5k.

Honestly, it's quite a relief for me, coz I'd rather DIE than do the 5k alone (which then negates the entire title and purpose of the race right?).  I don't even know what the goal is for this one.  I'm not really into personal records and all that.  Given the whole cause of the race, I think I'll just have a simple goal: to finish alive.

Well, at least I get a shirt.


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