the ultramarathoner's would-be best friend

We love dogs.  We each have labradors (who are happy-dappy, but have gotten infused to our parent's laid-back outlook in life) we'd love to play with more often.  I miss having a dog to cuddle with so much, and I compensate by watching a lot of Animal Planet, specifically, Dogs 101.

That day, they were featuring the Rhodesian Ridgeback.  It's a large breed, very dignified in stature.  When the host said that it's a breed that some athletes look for, I just had to scream and call the hubby into the room.

Originally bred in Southern Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, they were used as hunting and protector dogs.  Specifically, to hunt for lions.  Which is why they're also called the Lion Dog or African Lion Hound.  Intense, yes.

The great thing about this dog is that its history lends itself well to its ability to run great distances (try 30 miles in a single clip) and sustain its energy even in extreme temperatures and varying terrain.  There are some athletes, runners specifically, who have these Ridgebacks as their running / training buddies.

Though they would happily live in big spaces with access to the great outdoors (like my hubby and his love for the trail), they also make good city dwellers for as long as they get an hour's exercise every day. The hubby says it wouldn't be a problem, as that's just like... 10 kilometers.  For him at least.

If we had one, it would be great.  Maybe we could even train it to be a support crew.



Anonymous said...

hi!! dropping by to say hi to old blog friends haha!! i'm now in wordpress, and a w@wie too! LOL! i was wondering why you we're not updating your old blog until i found this new blog. :)

dezphaire said...

hi She! great to see your new blog up and running! i also have my own domain, for my work. happy w@wie-ness!

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