the universe doesn't want me to run.

Let's take the path of less resistance.  I say that "training" and looking forward to something will set you up for a lot of "oh man" non-warm fuzzy feelings that can't be solved by a cup of coffee and a cupcake when it doesn't happen.

Should've been, would've been, could've been.  I won't be getting that shirt.  Remember the last post I wrote about me being some quasi-training-runner for the 2011 NatGeo run?  Well yeah, it turns out that the shorter distances are already closed.  I underestimated the breadth of aspiring running bums like myself.  Or really how many kids way younger and faster than me want to cross a finish line.  Now, unless I would like to kill myself before I actually find a job again, I'll go ahead and do the 21k.

Yeah, I'm not going to lie.  This bum is actually bummed.  I'll just go back to looking at pretty pictures and tumblr-ing them.  It doesn't involve pressure nor does it make you sweat and writhe in pain.



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