the CW-X Pro tights: a wife's point of view

I never really paid attention to these things, until the hubby decided to do longer distances.  I always thought that people wore tights because it either (1) looked really good, (2) they didn't want to show their legs, and/or (3) they didn't want the tan line.

Okay, really.  Forgive my ignorance.  Until I actually went shopping with Chips for these things, I really didn't know.  And then I look at the pricetag and I was totally blown away.  THAT MUCH?!?  You can't be serious.  I'd rather buy shoes (that's just me).

Anyway, he explained to me the benefits of "compression tights" - apparently there's something beyond candy colored footless tights and stockings (okay I feel runners wanting to stab me).  He bought the CW-X Pro tights for his TNF 50K trail run in Baguio last year, and has been using them to train for long distances.  Especially now that there's a bit of wind-chill, I suppose it would help prevent cramps. 

I'm all for investing in things that will improve whatever you want to do.  I'm actually pretty happy that he has them.  He appears to recover faster after runs with it.  And looking at the TNF Baguio trail, I am confident about what the CW-X technology has to offer.

What I HATE though, is washing the damned thing.  The other day marked the first time I had to wash it.  I usually just do the normal dri-fit shorts, and it's pretty easy to get the soap and water in.  But there's something about these tights.  I guess it's so good at compression that it's like compressing water out.  It's like ti absolutely refuses to get anything into it, and I'm already using friggin' liquid detergent!

I would've loved to have a washing machine.  Instead, I have boney scrawny fingers.  But oh I love the hubby.  I will TRY to scrub and squeeze and work the darned detergent into the utterly resistant fabric.  It's as resistant as me being told to give away shoes.

After all the crouching down I admit defeat.  I just put my faith into detergent technology and let the tights soak in the bubbled up solution.  Oh, it's also great to note that despite all the fabric's thrashing in the solution, it didn't sud.  It was by the grace of the Nike dri-fit shorts that I actually got suds.

For good measure, I soak it well over the prescribed time that the detergent label said.  Rinsing it was another problem.  I wanted to scream.

I told Chips about his piece of uncooperative prized clothing and at least last night I didn't need to wash the dishes.



Anonymous said...

how can you afford to buy these pants and not have a washing machine?

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