Condura 2011: a pacer's race

The hubby wasn't supposed to run this race, even if he had total fun running the 42k last year.  He's busy preparing for the HK Marathon on the 20th, and he didn't want to over-race himself before that big day.  But when a couple of his co-workers asked him to just pace them for their 21k, he decided that it would be okay.  He just wouldn't "race" it.

The gun start was scheduled at 4:30am.  I was the designated driver to bring them from the Fort (their meet-up point) to the Ayala Triangle where the starting line was.  And then find somewhere to park near the finish line.

Chips, Frank and Jojo
That's the trio before the start of the race.  I was lucky enough to still be able to get to the Hi-Street parking lot and finding a nearby place to park.  Killing the engine, I fell asleep to the sound of fireworks and people cheering.

I was nudged awake by the sound of a band and people yelling.  Reluctantly, I get out of the car.  Some of the 21k runners were already making their way back.  I guess it's another one of those "feelings" when somehow it just happens that Chips was in fact nearing the finish line.

I find it cool that they had "cheerers" for the finishers.  They had colorful balloons and trumpets.  And I so wanted to blow bubbles.  Oh man, did I want bubbles!  (cue in Finding Nemo scene).

It wasn't long before Chips made his way into the camera's viewfinder.  I was mostly like, "hey, he looks familiar" than "yey!" because I didn't expect him to already be there.  I think the "yey!" had a few seconds delay (oops).  Perhaps I got used to waiting for longer periods of time (excuses, excuses).

Anyway, later on we soon meet up with Frank and Jojo.  We got free ice drops (yey! another) and they got their loot bags.  Breakfast was schublig and barako coffee at Mercato Centrale.

Apparently, medals taste good.

He didn't "destroy" his last 21k PR, but for a non-raced race, did pretty well.  The official results are out, and he places 77 out of 1,804.  He paced Frank and Jojo until around the 13th kilometer, where he says he still felt "really great".  He then decides to break out from the pace and run the rest of the way to the finish line.  Like, run his 10k pace.

I don't know about you, but at 13k I'd probably have no legs.  I actually begin to decompose after 3k.  I am a big admirer of people who have the drive to push through the distance and strain until the finish line finally meets you to give you a big hug.

Congratulations to everyone who crossed the finish line, no matter what distance you ran.  I bow down to you all.


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