34th Milo Marathon - Manila

The hubby will be running the full marathon, and we're still at a loss on how we're actually going to do the support thing.  The good part about the route is that I just need to wait in one area and he'll pass me three times.  He's kind of torn if he'll like it or not - basically the knee-jerk reaction being it's going to be a bore running around the same circle thrice. 

Since it's like THE Milo Marathon, there will be hoardes of people.  It's like some giant organized stampede of green.  And good luck to us finding parking.  Should I be doing support, I'll have to find parking twice.  I was actually looking at probably walking (a suggestion I quipped this morning without seeing the map) from my support spot back to the finish line.  He says it's more than 5k away.  Alright, so maybe that's not going to be an option.



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